Sunday, April 17, 2011

Closet space, a special place

Since I was about 5, I have always had a fascination with my closet. I would take everything out and organize it, making my room look like a bomb and impressing my parents with my skills in the end.

I would organize my books and create spaces that looked like little rooms in my mind. There were times when I wished to live in my closet.

I am 28 now, and what I keep in my closet remains so special to me. It tells a history about my life from the dried yellow rose I kept from my Grandma's funeral to a present story about my love for fashion with the latest pair of Pedro Garcia shoes stacked neatly on top of the box.

For a look into the window of others through a door in their bedroom, click here.

Sunday, April 3, 2011

I'm with Stupid

I don't know where my slight obsession with graphic tees cultivated, or why it is still around. I own so many I have to tell my friends around me to "not let me buy" that tee when I see a new one I find interesting.

Somewhere in American culture and across the universe of teenage wasteland, the need to explain yourself quietly yet proudly on top has been around for many years.

Here is one of my favorites that I will 'not' be adding to my collection.